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Andrew Lovelace Evans

What began as a pastime during the ‘80’s on the Pacific Northwest’s auto tracks quickly became a way of life. Andy Evans dedication and resolute focus paid off, and he became part of the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) Camel GT Lights class in 1990. By the mid-‘90’s, Andy Evans was driving for racing icon ferrari.

At the age of 12 he went to the Can-Am race in 1963. That race turned out to be the turning point in his life. He fell in love with race cars.

Andrew Lovelace Evans started to participate in various race events during the 80s and became a result driven driver. In 1990 he participated in the International Motor Sports Association. This race came as the ice breaker for him. By the Mid 1990s, Andy Evans began racing for the famous ferrari Motor Sports. Andy Evans also participated in various significant racing tracks like Dayona and Le Mans found in Florida and France respectively.

Andy Evans then developed the Scandia Engineering at Redmond, Washington. Scandia Engineering specializes in automotive engines and restoration work dedicated to automotive enthusiasts. Andrew Lovelace Evans always had a soft corner towards ferraris and believed that they were the best car manufacturers out there and he thought that he and ferrari together could prove to be a winning team.
Andy Evans said, “I think ferrari’s are the greatest sports cars on earth–I wouldn’t race anything else.” which gives a solid proof about his love for ferrari.

Andy Evans had the ability to identify opportunities and he was able to make plans and finally execute them. His result driven attitude also contributed to his success. Finding a man possessing these qualities is very rare and this became the sole reason for his success in his career. In 1995, Andrew Lovelace Evans led ferrari to victory after 23 years. Ferrari’s previous victory was in 1972 and this victory was a long awaited one. Andy Evans tried to duplicate this victory in the following years.

The relationship between Ferrari’s corporate headquarters in Maranello and Andy Evans was wide open. That championship was the highlight of his career. And it must have pleased Piero Ferrari, because when Andy Evans went to Italy, the factory aked, ‘As a reward, what would you like?” Andrew Lovelace Evans immediately chose a F50, valued at more than $500,000, and exceptionally difficult to acquire, thanks to Ferrari’s highly restrictive leasing program.

“The strategy for winning races is almost identical to winning in business: identify the goals, assemble the best team, devise a workable plan to include the best preparation, know your strengths, know the competition, and remain flexible to make changes as opportunities arise.”

This quote sums up Andy Evans’ approach toward success in racing and life.

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Smart Payment Plan

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Most lenders schedule loan payments once a month but Smart Payment Plan offers biweekly payments. This is helpful for most people because they get paid every two weeks. Making loan payments biweekly is therefore an easier way to pay. Using a biweekly repayment schedule through Smart Payment Plan not only means that you can make payments when you get paid, but also that you can reduce the size of your payments. Smart Payment Plan’s biweekly half payments are also cheaper than whole monthly payments. This makes it easier for many consumers to keep up with their payments because they do not have to worry about having a large amount of money in their checking accounts at the end of each month to cover their loan payments.

Smart Payment Plan transfers money out of your banking account to make your loan payments automatically. All you have to do is set up an account through Smart Payment Plan and the money will be withdrawn every other week. Hence one will never have to worry about missing a payment again, they could also end up saving money on late fees and penalties. You never have to worry that your mailed check gets lost or mishandled by the lender.

Considering that most bills are due by the end of the month, people might find it helpful to break up some of the largest bills into biweekly payments. This can help to stick to budget and keep track of your finances.

Thus Smart Payment Plan helps consumers save money in the long run. Smart Payment Plan can obviously give you more control over your finances and there is a hidden benefit as well. When you make biweekly payments towards your loan through Smart Payment Plan, you actually reduce the amount of money that you will spend repaying the full amount of the debt. This happens because your biweekly half payments will equal 13 whole payments throughout the year. If you used a monthly schedule, you would only make 12 whole payments each year.


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